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More Courts was born from the idea that every person deserves the opportunity to play.

According data released by the Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society program, household wealth is the primary driver of kids’ athletic participation. Compared to their peers whose families make more than $100,000, children ages 6 through 12 whose family income is under $25,000 are nearly three times as likely to be “inactive”—meaning they played no sport during the year—and half as likely to play on a team sport even for one day.  It's no secret that kids in low income communities often have less access to organized sports and participation on teams.

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We partner with professional athletes and companies who believe in our mission.  Together, we believe that by providing spaces to play within the community, those who would often be excluded from sports, will have more opportunities to play. 

More Courts provides more opportunities for sports, which in turn can help participants in countless ways. Benefits of sports include:

  • Improved Health

  • Increased Self Esteem

  • Learning how to Lose

  • Understanding Teamwork

  • Developing Dedication

  • Having Fun!

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